Are there any plans for static analysis and CI

  • Hi guys,

    I'm just wondering if there are any plans for static analysis and for Continuous Integration (CI).
    I checked the web as far as I saw, the following plugins were started 2 years ago:

    CPPCheck: ------> Not started
    CruiseControl (CI): ------> Not further maintained. Was created for v2.0.0

    My question is if the plugins would be finish, how can such plugins find the way in the official QtCreator repo, so that they have an system integration test.

    Best regards


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    The process of getting plugins into Qt Creator is pretty straight forward:

    Set up an account in "our bug tracker":

    Use this account to log into "gerrit": and accept the contributors agreement.

    set up your git repo of Qt Creator, following the instructions in gerrit.

    Push your changes into gerrit

    Follow up on comments and fix your code

    Have your code merged:-)

    The process is pretty pain free nowadays... all of us have to use exactly the same as everybody else, so it has to work:-) That was not the case before when merge requests were still handled on gitorious...

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