QDbus: Service Call Returning QList<int>

  • I posted "this question":http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11166352/qdbus-service-call-returning-qlistint on stackoverflow, which I'm linking to in case anyone wants to provide the answer there.

    Basically, I'm trying to retrieve a list of accounts using Pidgin's DBUS interface. I created the interface.xml and ran that through the qdbusxml2cpp to generate the appropriate classes. The service call to retrieve a list of buddies has a return type of ai, which I believe should be translated to QList<int>. While I can see I am retrieving the appropriate data through the use of the debug mode, I cannot seem to get the results to convert from the QVariant to the QList<int> ( see the stackoverflow question for full code details ).

    If someone could please help point me in the right direction, I would definitely appreciate it! Thanks so much.

  • I figured this problem out. I posted the answer on SO, but wanted to include it here as well.

    So apparently everything was configured correctly. However, when trying to retrieve the data, instead of doing:

    @qDebug() << buddies.argumentAt(0).toList().size();@

    I should have been doing:

    @qDebug() << QString::number(buddies.value().size());@

    To retrieve the individual ids

    @foreach(int id, buddies.value() )
    qDebug() << QString::number(id);
    // or simply
    QList<int> ids = buddies.value();@

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