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I am currently modifying a Qt Project created in one of the Qt 4.x builds meaning it has to UI file, and I cannot use the Qt Designer. How do I go abo

  • Any resources or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi, ~maplesyrup23!

    It's not depends on Qt Version. It's something wrong with your Qt Designer or Qt Creator. Try to open UI file from Qt Creator with "Open With..." action.

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  • Sure thing, will do. But there is no UI file! My Qt Designer and Qt Creator were reinstalled. I'll post more information shortly.

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    If you don't have a UI file then your project is most likely using hand-crafted UIs. You will need to edit the code that sets them up, unfortunately there is no way to turn that code into something that designer can work with.

    But don't despair: UI setup code in Qt is pretty straight forward to understand. I recommend getting a sketchpad though to help visualize the individual components and their arrangement.

  • Hey Tobias! Thanks for the response. How would the UI setup code be set up in Qt? What code am I looking for that crafts the UI?


  • Find the main widget of your application. Usually, an instance is created in your main() function. Usually, it's constructor will have (lots of) stuff like:
    m_lineEdit = new QLineEdit(this);

    That is where the UI is constructed.

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