Asking for Help:questions about Qt event dispatcher

  • Hello, everybody

    I develop a plugin of adobe illustrator(a graphic design software) using QT Widgets to build the plugin's UI in windows xp 32bits and win7 32bits. Everything is ok except the following problems:

    1. the drawing canvas refresh abnormally when moving the scrollbars or toggling the layers' visiblility, but zoom and pan tool are ok;
    2. the 'ALT' key dose not work when the qApp->exec() running
    3. parts of the illustrator's layer control refresh abnormally

    A QApplication instance is contructed when the plugin starts up and destroyed when the plugin shutdown, and show dialog in the plugin's menus using qApp->exec() method. The apparent reason is Qt has a different windows message process routine from illustrator's main frame. Is there any other way to use qt in such a condition.

    Does anyone have some suggestions?
    Your answers would be of great help and be very much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Have you found the answer?
    I am also working on this and do have a few suggestions.
    Don't use exec() as your widgets will not run under Illustrator main loop.
    But, I still have problems dealing with other issues.

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