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[solved] Escaping of Backslash in forum post/preview

  • I noticed, that when writing blackslashes here in posts, i should escape them (double them) to look correctly in preview. However after submiting the post, the backslashes aren't evaluated and there was staying double blackslashes in my post.

    For example windows path like this:

    • C:\This\will\look\good\in Preview Post
    • C:\This\will\look\good_after Submit_

    When i hit preview i see something like this:
    C:\This\will\look\good\in Preview Post
    C:Thiswilllookgood_after Submit_

    So i think the preview part should not evaluate the backslashes?

  • Hi Queria,

    Thank you for reporting this,
    we are investigating it at the moment.

  • C:\This\will\look\good\after Submit

    This is fixed now :)

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