Easiest way to print text with multiple fonts using QPainter?

  • I'm using a MainWindow status bar to display a moving status drawing, which is light colored on the left and black on the right side. I'm currently using QPainter::drawText to draw black text on the left side, but now I'd like to print some white text on the right side as well. I was hoping that there would be an overloaded version of drawText() that would allow passing in a font specification, either with QString and QFont as parameters or with QTextItem as the input parameter. However, I don't see one. Instead, font is set for the entire QPainter. So I think my only option is to set the font of QPainter, drawText, then change the font of the QPainter and draw the other text.

  • Yes, that is indeed how QPainter works. You set a mode, you paint a bit, you change the mode, you paint some more...

  • Ok, thanks. This method is working fine for me.

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