QGraphicsView scale: can scale down with negative numbers or up with positive numbers but need it to roll round (big, big, big, back to start, big, bi

  • I have solved this using
    but thought I would post anyway in case it helps anyone else............

    I have a QGraphicsView which I am using the scale the content of the screen but (to match spec) I need the 'zoom' to be with a single key (rather than one for up and one for down). The screen should zoom from 'normal' in to a defined maximum then start from 'normal' again.

    If I use positive scale values I get the required zoom in. If I use negative scale values I get a zoom out. If I try to wrap around the positive numbers work fine but the negative numbers (instead of zooming out) turn the image UPSIDE DOWN!

  • Just create a new [[doc:QTransform]] based on the required zoom level, and set that on the view, instead of calling scale() directly. That way, you won't be modifying the existing zoom, but just setting a new value. All you need to do is create your range of accepted values, and choose the next one.

  • Even better thanks - any way of simply scaling a QPushButton (outside of a QGraphicsView)? I may have to do the scaling manually since everything has to stay on the screen - seems a bit over the top to have to change the button, icon and font size.

    Learning, learning, learning..........

  • Nope. In QML, this would be trivial, but in the widget world these kinds of scenario's were not taken into account.

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