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Want to get audio codec.

  • i want to get audio codec in qt c++ .i am working with ffmpeg but unable to get any suitable example for audio codec.

  • Your question is hard to understand. What is it you want to "get" exactly? A name? A pointer to a library? Something else?

    Note that I don't know much (hardly anything) about audio and codecs, so don't expect an answer from me. However, I think giving more details on what you want to achieve might help you get answers from those who do know more about the topic.

  • Hi,
    I think this person want to get audio codec from audio files like Audio file containing mpeg, ogg, flac, mp4 etc. codec.
    due to get this you can use FFMPEG library to get codec and converting one format to another format (like mp4 to mp3).
    but i haven't use this with C++ ,
    Can any one tell them more about this .

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