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    Yesterday my first mobile App NumboTime has passed Q&A and from now on it's available in the Nokia store.
    I'm a happy man!

    For more info see this "video":
    and the "tutorial":

    I hope to make a real life video soon using a real camera.

    "Link to the Nokia store":

    Thanks to all the Trolls, Devnet Contributors and Elves that made this possible


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    Nice! I can see some QML at work? Any plans for android, too?

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    Yes it was mainly made using QML and js, but I had to change the graph part to good old C++ for performance reasons.
    I think I'll go for symbian^3 first and next Necessitas... So lot's of fun stuff to go.

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    Cool! All the best to you, then, and happy coding :)

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    Thanks, Sierdzio

  • Thanks for posting this. Mind if I note a few points just from the video?

    You use three different colors for the items. However, I think they are not very well chosen:

    • The white checkmark on the yellow checkbox is close to impossible to see
    • The red text will look like black (on a black background) for some color blind people

    I was also wondering about the chart. You plot all lines to the same scale, it seems. While that works in the example you give, what happens if you track numbers of completely different magnitudes?

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    Hi Andre,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I experimented with orange. I'm sure you will like that more than red? ;-) but isn't that also difficult for some color blind people? What colors would you suggest?

    Good point about the white / yellow checkmark!

    On the real device it is possible to set the brilliance to a higher level than the screen capture of the video, which makes it easier to see.

    About the chart. I've decribed in the help file that based on the type of numbers a maximum of 150 is used. The numbers I have in mind are within that range. If someone can suggest others, I could change the limits.
    If the user wants to zoom in he/she can choose to show only one from the settings.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at it.


  • Hmmm... ok. What types of numbers do you have in mind then? I can easily think of numbers that you might want to keep track of that are in completely different ranges. Earnings, for instance, or bank balances.

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    weight control, bloodpressure, morning rest heartrate, body temperature
    in short : numbers that have to do with health / sports conditon measurements. Have you looked at the tutorial?

    I was not aiming at financial use because afaik there are some specific needs and existing apps out there. Can you explain how you would like to use it for financial goals? Do you want to keep track of financial numbers and earnings on a daily basis?

    The main idea of the app is that the graph only shows the last 30 days (depending on landscape /portrait mode) and you can make decisions based on that
    eg. in endurance sport you can take your morning heart rate and store that. if you see it is climbing too fast you know you need a rest day in your training because you didn't recover completely from previous excercises yet.
    eg. you want to keep track of your blood pressure and the difference in systolic / diastolic pressure.
    eg. you want to see your weight evolving and can compare it with the weight loss of your friend(s).

    About your proposal to use different axes for every curve :
    it's a mobile App, so space is limited. I don't see how i could do that. My solution is to go to settings to select only the ones in the same range.

  • No, I did not. I only looked at the video. I don't have my N9 in use, so I did not actually play with it.

    I don't know if I'd like to keep track of any sort of number on a daily basis. Perhaps my gas & electricity readings might be worth keeping track of in an app like this.

    Anyway, if this is not the intended use, fine. I just wanted to point out a possible issue with using this application. If you gave it thought, and decided this is how you'd like it to work: great!

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    Obviously I didn't express myself in a good way.

    I was just explaining the use cases I had in mind. Other pragmatic use cases are welcome.
    I am open for suggestions like yours. Thank you for it. I will consider them of course.

    PS: do you mind if I ask why you don't use your N9? Have you tested it out? It's a great device.

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