RichText on Symbian Belle

  • Hi all... :)
    I encounter a problem that I'm not sure whether it is a bug or some error on my side. I have an app with a Text, set to contain richtext content. While it handles correct tags on qt simulator, such as img valign property or the float: left css property, or the strong tag, when I test the app on symbian all of these are just ignored. Is it a bug? Is there some limitation on symbian richtext different than those on the simulator? Are there any workaround or any other way to show html-like content? :)

    Thank all :)

  • You can read more about HTML tags support in Qt "here":

  • I've read it, but there it says it support both css float and strong tag, but actually I do not see them in my app... :(

  • OK. There are two rich formats you should use:

    1. Rich text (bad way)
    2. HTML (good way)

    Qt support HTML in the best way. You can embedd it into any QWidgets (for example - QLabel).

    There is QTextEdit which allows to edit HTML.

    Believe me - Qt support all HTML4 tags and CSS2 rules.

  • First of all, thanks for the answer, but...I'm not sure to follow you... You are suggesting me to use a Qlabel on a QML file?

  • Oh, sorry. It's QML forum. But I am sure that QML has some kind of container which can contains HTML.

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