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Synchronization of mp3 tracks on Qt

  • I'm developing a simple program with Qt that plays some songs, in each song for each instrument I have a mp3 track and the user has the ability to change the sound volume of each track separably so he can listen to the tracks he wants. The major problem I'm facing is that of synchronization. Especially if I'm running the program off of a CD or Pen-drive, I've had some ideas but they didn't work well.

    Right now I'm using phonon but wouldn't mind changing to Mobility if necessary (only if really necessary). What strategy really works in this case? Why is it worst on CD or Pen-drive? Since I'm interested in mostly running from these sources how could I improve synchronization on these devices?

  • Hi, ~Uncannytable.

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    I will quote user who answer your question on another "resource":http://forum.codecall.net/topic/70523-synchronyzing-mp3-tracks-on-qt/:

    [quote author="Programming God" date="1340740020"]So you are creating instance of Phonon:MediaObject for each mp3 tracks in a song? I mean, as example, if you have 3 mp3 tracks for 3 instruments in a song, you are creating 3 instances of Phonon:MediaObject for playing 3 different tracks? I think you are doing this and that's why the synchronization term is here, right? Now how you are trying to do the synchronization? Or, you are not doing at all to keep the tracks synchronized?

    AFAIK, Mobility will not run on PC?[/quote]

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