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Starting an embeded EXE on device boot in symbian platform

  • Hello there,
    i have developed 2 applications for symbian devices one is a console app which runs in the background all the time as a back service and the other one is GUI app which through the user can interact with application , the 2 apps communicate with each other using LocalSockets, the background service is initiated at the beginning from the GUI application once the app is installed and lunched, i've done this using the QProcess, the 2 apps were combined in a single package "one SIS file" by adding the following lines to the pro file of the GUI under the Symbian block :
    @exeDeployment = ""$${EPOCROOT}epoc32/release/$(PLATFORM)/$(TARGET)/consoleApp.exe" - \

    clientDeployFiles.pkg_postrules += exeDeployment
    rscDeployment = "\"$${EPOCROOT}epoc32/data/$${consoleApp_UID}.rsc\" - \
    deployFiles.pkg_postrules += rscDeployment
    DEPLOYMENT += deployFiles@

    every thing works perfectly, a single sis package is generated containing both apps, except that the console app is not stating on device boot, although it does start on device boot before it was embedded in the GUI app, so am i missing something here!!, or it's not possible to start the exe on device boot if it's embedded in another application(GUI)!!!

    so how did that go wrong can any one please help!

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