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Qt4.8.2 qws with powervr opengl driver for mbx lite

  • Hi,
    I am trying to integrate powervr driver for mpc5121 with mbx lite. When I run the example programs (began with hellogl_es and 2dpainting) I get the error message "QEglContext::createSurface(): Unable to create EGL surface, error 0x300b", which means "EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW". I could isolate the line, where it happens: src/opengl/qgl_qws.cpp line 160

    @surf = eglCreateWindowSurface
    (context->display(), context->config(), windowDrawable, props);

    when I change this line to

    @surf = eglCreateWindowSurface
    (context->display(), context->config(), 0,0);@

    everthing almost works. What does work, is hellogl_es. What doesn't work is 2dpainting: the native part works fine, the open gl part is shown at left-bottom of the screen. I can't change this location. When I start the app with
    ./2dpainting -qws -display linuxfb
    I see the two widgets in their right places, but wenn I start the app with
    ./2dpainting -qws -display powervr
    the opengl part is at bottom left of the screen.
    Any suggestions on this behavior? Can it depend on the changed qgl_qws.cpp ?

    Other problem is, when the programm has more then one qglwidget. I can't run these programs, they quit with 0x3003 EGL_BAD_ALLOC error message, but only when I use the changed qgl_qws.cpp With the original one, they quit with 0x300b.
    Any suggestions on this one?

    Best regards

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