Developing for 4.6.3 on eLinux with SDK 1.2 possible?

  • Hi

    I need to develop for Linux on an embedded device (ARM based) that is using the 4.6.3 library (can't change this at the moment).
    What I need is basically WebKit. I have the latest SDK on my PC (W7).
    Is it somehow possible to develop for 4.6.3 with the SDK 1.2, or is it best to remove and downgrade?
    What is the correct way if yes / if no?

    Thanks for your help

    btw: .. you might guess ... and you're right ... I'm a QT newbie

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    You can use any Qt SDK, but will need to install the 4.6.3 version of Qt in addition to what the SDK ships with. Most likely that means you will either need to cross-compile Qt or use whatever version your device's SDK came with.

    It is possible to set the new Qt version and the tool chain up in Qt Creator in Tools->Options->(Build & Run->)Qt Version/Tool Chains.

    PS: I'd personally just grab Qt Creator 2.5 (not in the SDK yet AFAIK) and use that together with the device SDK.

  • Thanks for the response.

    However, I'm having the following issues: Here's what I did:

    • I downloaded the 4.6.3-mingw and installed it in addition ot the already installed complete SDK 1.2.
    • It created a new install tree with all the examples and Demos again in this separate tree.
    • I've added 4.6.3 to the SDK (Options / Build&Run / Qt Versions).
    • Open the fancybrowser project from SDK Examples.
    • Select to use 4.6.3 for building and let it build and run.
      It runs, but it is unusable slow. It even shows a "no response" sometimes.
      If I let it build with 4.8.x it runs perfectly with great speed. I also tried to open the fancybrowser project from the new 4.6.3 tree, to no avail.

    Something must be wrong with my setup I guess.
    Anybody an idea?
    Thanks, McL

    btw: I am not yet trying to run it in the target. Thought I want to have the environment on the desktop work correctly before.

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