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App compiled in Win 7 doesnt run on Win XP

  • Hi, everyone, I have not found this theme covered in any other topic, so please, if anyone can help me, I will appreciate
    My application dependes of a certain version of the DLL msvcrt.dll wish includes the _except_handler4_common, this version of the file comes with Windows 7 and if I try to run my app in windws XP , it just doesnt because it is not the same version of the file in the system32 folder, so I put the windows 7 version of the DLL in the directory where the executable module for the current process is located and my app is not taking it from there, it just goes and take it from system32 and load it from there, I know this because I'm using Dependence Walker and even if I putt all the depenceis DLL in the executable folder, either way goes and takes it from system32, I'm really about to cry
    thank you very much

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