Upgrade QGraphicsTextItem (and friends) to QGraphicsWidget?

  • I'd like to use some of the ready-to-use QGraphicsItem classes, like QGraphicsTextItem, QGraphicsPixmapItem,...

    However, I want to use layouts, so I need QGraphicsWidgets.

    The only way I could come up with would be to create a class that derives from QObject, QGraphicsTextItem (or another) and QGraphicsLayoutItem, and then implement those methods that are implemented in QGraphicsObject or QGraphicsWidget, and missing in QGraphicsTextItem.

    Sounds a bit tricky. Any better idea?

  • Well, you could use Adapter design pattern, but I am not sure.

  • My best idea right now is to use a composition: A QGraphicsWidget containing the item I want. The tricky part is that one essential change notification (boundingRect changes) is missing, which makes things kinda awkward.

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