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Qt and SQL: how many transactions can it handle (commits on database)

  • Hi,

    Please don't be rough with me... am quite new with both qt and sql...
    What I want to do : a have abot 4000 vehicles connecting from time to time (once per minute) at the server PC where my qt app is running, and each time I have to add/update some records in a local database (a file on hard-disk).
    I started from an example that I found here:
    and now I'm trying to develop it in order to move forward...
    But, my first/main question (concern) is : Would Qt be able to handle properly all these request for adding/updating the DB-file from so many vehicles (aprox. 4000 vehicles/requests) ?!?
    Sorry for my bad English... I not quite sure I explained very well what I want to say...
    Thanks in advance!

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