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How to create a file manager like lay out in qt

  • i want to create a file manager like layout in qt actually i am creating a music player but i want is blocks in which music data is displayed very beautifully i want like a file manager i tried most layouts none is for me QGirdLayout does not do the task Well as it places at position but on maximize and minimize also it is not what i want.
    i want a layout that is a layout and it automatically adds this widget where or at the end and does not overflow by x but by y.
    A little complex but i know there is a answer

  • If your thread were be like that:

    bq. How to build space shuttle? I want to create a space shuttle like in NASA, now I am creating car but I want materials in which petrol contains well i want like a space shuttle I tried most materials none is for me, carbon does not do the task well. I want material that well for shuttles and it
    automaticlly addes galactic defense. A little complex but I know there is an answer.

    I had have to laught).

    Now let's be serious. This thread is really blur. I can't understand what you actually want to know?

  • @tucnak
    laughing on others is a bad thing because you can be also the people

  • Moderators

    I would say laughing at others is what life is about. It's a big plus if one can laugh at oneself, too :)

    What tucnak meant to smuggle beneath the veil of irony, is this: ask smart questions, and DON'T expect people to sketch a full design of an application for you. That's your job. If you have a question - keep it short, concise, focused on one, single problem only, then phrase it well and we will be happy to help you.

  • pok so i want a layout like file manager simple now

  • If you want layout like file manager you should draw on the paper a bit and try to create it with Qt Designer. Qt can deploy the hardest layouts.

    Use QSplitter with them also.

    Good luck.

  • ok looking at that seems good

  • this is something what i want to achieve d.png

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