Documentation confusion QXmlStreamReader::readNextStartElement

  • Hi,

    I am using "QXmlStreamReader::readNextStartElement" to parse an exm stream. The data is read from a network socket, I am using the following method.

    @mysocket mysock;
    QXmlStreamReader xmlreader;
    char buff[1024];
    int outlen=0;
    int err;
    QByteArray byteArray(buff,outlen);
    case QXmlStreamReader::NoError:
    case QXmlStreamReader::PrematureEndOfDocumentError:
    //some code to break the infinite while loop


    In the code at line 8 & 9, if the "bytearray" is not fully parsed, whether the existing unparsed data will be lost? If so is there any alternative?

    And "readNextStartElement()" some times returns false, but when I check the error status using "error()" call, it returns "NoError"! Why this is happening?


  • Hello.

    I don't understand why any data should be partially parsed in line 8 or 9. Neither of these lines does any parsing as far as I can tell.

    The documentation of QXmlStreamReader::readNextStartElement states:

    bq. Returns true when a start element was reached. When the end element was reached, or when an error occurred, false is returned.

    So I guess when you see a false return value and now Error you just read the end element.

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