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What is the difference between QWS and lighthouse ?

  • What is the difference between QWS and lighthouse ?

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    I would encourage to read Qt Labs blogs about QPA, and a video on it from last DevDays (2011).

    Basically, QWS is a custom windowing system, build with mostly Win CE in mind, that was able to run Qt.

    QPA (formerly Lighthouse) is the Qt Platform Abstraction - it is now (in Qt5) a thin layer of OS generalisation, that sits between any supported OS and the rest of Qt. So, Qt is now based on a common interface of QPA - it's the same for all platforms. QPA plugins handle hooking platform-specific calls to that common interface.

  • Can I work with QPA on Qt 4.7.3 ?

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    AFAIK, yes (that how Necessitas was started, no?), but it's not build-in there. This is way out of my area of expertise, you will have to ask other people for concrete answers.

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