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3D Game

  • For some time I want to make a game but didn't had the knowledge (still don't).I used Qt to make a program for my school project and because I only know C++ I used Qt.Qt is easy to use,very good documented and I got a lot of help on MIRC that's why I would like to make a 3D game with Qt.I googled some info but all I could find were old posts.So I came here with my questions.
    1)Can you make a 3D game using Qt 3D?
    2)Do I need to use some additional tools?If yes what tools?
    3)What can I use to make the 3D models like the map?
    4)In the game I want some objects to shatter,other to suffer some damage can I accomplish that with Qt 3D?
    For now only these questions.

  • The best way to create 3D games on Qt, using QtOpenGL module. It has standart OpenGL API and QWiidget wrapper to paint it.

    So, you should learn about it - QtOpenGL.

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