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[Solved]Segfault when deleting last item from QListWidget

  • My app segfaults whenever the last item from the QListWidget is deleted. The list widget contains a list of QStrings, which is inserted into it by:
    @for( int i=0; i < fileList->size(); i++ )
    ui->fileListWidget->addItem(fileList->at(i) );@

    The app crashes on executing ui->ListWidgetObj->clear() only if an item in the list is selected (by clicking on it).

    qDeleteAll( ui->fileListWidget->selectedItems() ); also causes it to segfault if it contains the last item

    I also tried:
    @QList<QListWidgetItem*> items = ui->fileListWidget->selectedItems();
    QListWidgetItem *i ;
    foreach(i,items) {
    delete ui->fileListWidget->takeItem(ui->fileListWidget->row(i));@

    gdb gives this output
    @Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0x000000000040757f in QListWidgetItem::text (this=0x0) at ../QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/include/QtGui/qlistwidget.h:90
    90 { return data(Qt::DisplayRole).toString(); }@

    Here is the backtrace

  • Maybe you have to use the removeItemWidget(..) method.
    Or you could change delete to deleteLater
    QList<QListWidgetItem*> items = ui->fileListWidget->selectedItems();
    for( int i = items.size()-1; i >= 0; i--)
    // or alternatively
    QListWidgetItem *i ;
    foreach(i,items) {

    EDIT: corrected the errors in the code examples.

  • both of them didnt work, shouldn't it be from items.size() -1

    @ for( int i = items.size() - 1 ; i >= 0; i--) {


    and according to the manual prototype of deleteLater() is
    @void QObject::deleteLater () [slot]@

  • Thanks for correcting the mistakes. Sorry the suggestions didn't solve your problems.
    Maybe "unselecting" the items before you remove them can solve your problem ?

    Another possible approach is to get the selected indexes and remove them via the model.
    QModelIndexList selectedItems = yourListWidget->selectionModel()->selectedIndexes();
    for(int i = 0; i < selectedItems.count(); i++)

  • i fixed the issue. I had a onCurrentItemChanged() slot which did not check for null pointer

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