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Compiling Qt 4.8.2 on Linux (openSUSE)

  • Hi, I'm trying to compile both debug and release.
    I've not done much in Linux for ages, so apologies if I'm missing anything obvious.
    No problem doing this on Windows.

    There is an issue getting debug and release enabled at same time - can this be done on Linux?

    When I do "./configure -debug-and-release", Debug = no is shown under Configuration.
    "./configure -debug", Debug = yes
    "./configure ", Debug = no

    gcc --version return 4.5.1 if that makes any difference.

  • I think this answers it:

    So have excluded option from configure for release build with separate debug info files.

  • Why do you want to build sources? There are compiled sources for Qt.

    If you have problems with building Qt, you should use them.

  • It doesn't matter as the question asks about compiling the sources, but for arguments sakes say I am intending to modify QtWebKit.

    The only way I see that you can get 4.8.2 is by downloading the Linux/X11 Libraries/Source file, and unless I'm super blind, I don't see any compiled binaries in it, unlike the Windows version.

    Quite likely due to it being a generic starting point unlike the windows specific versions.

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