Javascript debugging in wrt 1.1.0

  • Hello,

    Just installed the wrt1.1.0, on to my phone. My app works fine in simulator., but not on phone.

    I have put some debug alert statements, but those are not shown. Is there any settings/config where I can enable javascript alert to be always shown ?

  • Hi,

    If you're using S60 phone to debug your widget, you can debug using this feature. It has limited features like console logging and error notification methods.


    1. Launch S60 browser
    2. Goto "Options or Tools" > General
    3. Select "Java / ECMA Script Errors"
    4. Change from the default option selected "No Notification" to
      • Create log file // which creates a log.dat file in C:/Data folder
      • Show pop-up notes // show the message window like alter windows
      • Log & Show pop-up notes // it will create log file & also show the message window

    And the "console" object having these functions to use.

    1. console.log
    2. console.warn
    4. console.error

    Hope, this info is helpful to continue debugging your app widget.

    ~ raghava chinnappa

  • thanks Raghav,

    my environment is this. Latest Maemo PR1.3, Qt 4.7.0 and webruntime 1.1.0 on N900.

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