[Qt][Windows] Listing the contents in an archive (zip, 7z, etc.)

  • How can this be done without extracting the files to a temporary directory and then reading the directory (which is what I'm currently doing). I want to have a more efficient way of listing the contents without having to extract them, as that can take up quite a bit of time for larger files, especially those that use older computers.

    Essentially I want something similar to winrar or 7zm where you double click the file and it opens up showing the contents inside without extracting. I don't need a gui side of that as it'll be just a data stream to the program, not for the user to see.

  • "7-Zip":http://www.7-zip.org/ is open source, has LGPL, supports a load of different formats and already incorporates the functionality of listing archive contents without decompressing them first (if this is technically possible).

    Have you taken a look at it (as there is no Qt-ish way of doing this)?

  • 7-Zip (7z.exe) provides a way of listing the contents of archive file - 7z.exe l <archive.zip> will list contents of archive.zip - may be this output could be used to list contents.

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