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  • Hi, community.

    Today I got a new task. I need to make custom tabs in QTabBar - specially it must be cool)). I have background-images for all states of them (normal, selected, inactive), but I need to custom "X" button on them. Also I need to control it (control on selected or not selected tab).

    Now I can do it in this way:
    QTabBar::tab {

    QTabBar::tab:selected {

    And in a what way I can change apperiance of "X" button?

    UPD: maybe there are something like this:
    QTabBar::tab:selected QTabBar::close-button {
    /* to customize close button on selected tab /
    will it work? */


    P.S. It's really sadly that Alexandra leaves Nokia...

  • As far as I understood - this post won't have any answers).

  • I found solution. In UPD.

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