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Best way to implement mainwindow with Tabs, Toolbar and main content area

  • I would like to create a program with a main window containing a number of tabs. Each tab should by itself contain a toolbar at the top, a status bar at the bottom and the main content area in the center. I'm looking for something similar to this screenshot from the Crome browser:

    ! example)!

    What I did is to create a QMainWindow and add a QTabWidget as central widget which is already working ok. I'm new to Qt so I'm wondering whether this is the best way to go and how to proceed. Which widget would be best to use as tab? It should probably support a Toolbar, Statusbar and main area.

    To help me you do not need to post code, but it would be very nice if you would say something like "Start with QMainWindow then add the QTabWidget. Each Tab should contain a QWidget with..."

    I would also like to see the tabs in a very similar style to the ones shown in the screenshot. The area just left and right of the tabs is transparent in Windows 7 - is this possible with Qt? Can you give me a hint on how to do this?

    Thank you very much!

  • MainWindow > QTabWidget > QToolbar + QWidget > QWebView.

    Or you can use QTabBar and QStackedWidget)).

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