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FontLoader: Load Entire Family Font Files

  • How can i load 4 font files with the same font type name?
    I have trebuchet.ttf, trebucheti.ttf, trebuchetb.ttf and trebuchetbi.ttf and all of them have "Trebuchet MS" as their font type name.
    When i use FontLoader i initially test if the font has been loaded before so it doesn't end up failing:

    id: trebuchet

    var families = Qt.fontFamilies().toString();
    if (families.match(/Trebuchet MS/i)) { = "Trebuchet MS";
    } else {
    trebuchet.source = "fonts/trebuchet.ttf";

    The problem is that they all use "Trebuchet MS" as their font type name, and that will end up making all fontloaders pointing to the default Trebuchet MS.

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