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QSettings. setPath with systemScope ignores userScope

  • I want to have my applications and system .ini-files on a network disk. These program lines are in the main.cpp-file:


    The directory C:/Documents and Settings/myUser/Programdata/MyOrganization (%APPDATA%) contains a MyApp.ini-file.
    But the application reads the settings information from the directory ...applicationDirPath/MyOrganization on the network disk, which is specified for SystemScope in setPath. The function settingsObject.scope() in MyApp reports QSettings::UserScope.
    I want to use the system MyApp.ini-file as a fallback, and userScope writing to be done to the userScope %APPDATA%/MyApp.ini-file on the local disk. A common user should not be allowed to do writing to the system .ini-file. The way I understand the QSettings documentation ( my program should work that way.
    Have I missed something ??

  • settingsObject.scope() returns the scope where settings will be written, that's not necessarily the scope where settings are read.

  • Perhaps I did not make myself quite clear. I use Windows XP and QtCreator 2.0.1. When I do not use setPath, QSettings reads from and writes to the %%APPDATA%% .ini-file. When I have called setPath with SystemScope, QSettings (in UserScope mode) afterwards ignores %%APPDATA%% and reads and writes from applicationDirPath. That is not the way I understand the documentation. Are there another way to ensure that the .ini-file at applicationDirPath is only read from as fallback (when the %%APPDATA%% .ini-file does not contain the relevant key), and that the %%APPDATA%% .ini-file (and not the applicationDirPath .ini-file) is written to in UserScope ?

  • It could be that the system ini file is only read when there is no user file at all. I did not try this before.

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