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Generating .qhc files from html files

  • Hi frnds,
    I am a beginner so please excuse me if this is a basic question. I need to generate help documentation for my application and I want to use Qt assistant as a custom help viewer. I have the html documentation files. I want to know how I can generate the .qhc file from these html files and how i can set the contents,index and bookmarks in the qt assistant . The help examples provided are not of much help or may be I was not able to understand them. Thank you.

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    Do you use qdoc3 for help generation? Or doxygen?

  • I have written my own HTML files :P

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    Ugh, no idea, then. You can take a look at qhelpconverter and qhelpgenerator located in Qt's bin directory, but I don't know any more details about them - qdoc and doxygen handle that part automatically :)

  • Thank you for your help. I think I got what I want in qhelpgenerator. Actually I was having problem with installing doxygen. So had to write my own html files.Had no idea about qdoc3. Thanx once again.

  • Did you already look at the documentation for the help system?

    • "The Qt Help Framework":/doc/qt-4.8/qthelp-framework.html overview
    • "Qt Help module":/doc/qt-4.8/qthelp.html API docs

  • Hey coolhead, could you give us a tip how you have converted the html files using qhelpgenerator. I have a bunch of htmls that i want to combine in one qhc file. Please help

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