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[Self-Sovled]DLL can not be debugged

  • Hi Guys,

    I create a simple app,and use several dlls which are created in debug mode, I can set and stop breakpoints before functions from dlls, and then I enter F10 or step over. app can not stop at any functions from dlls. please help me out. thanks.

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    // app can stop at the any below two lines
    qDebug() << "START:";
    QScopedPointer<WellBO>bo(new WellBO());

    the below is from dlls and can not stop at breakpoints 
    //generate WellBO
    IUnits *svc = ServiceLocator::getServiceInterface<IUnits>(Units::impl);
    DecimalOUOM d1  =  DecimalOUOM::getDecimalOUOM(QVariant(8.0),QString("m"),svc->getMapping(Common::Distance));
    return 0;


  • Just make Debug build. Your build may be Release build.

  • thanks a lot for your post , the problem has been fixed after I add corresponding header files.

    [quote author="tucnak" date="1339585795"]Just make Debug build. Your build may be Release build.[/quote]

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