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[Mobility] Automatically launching NDEF message handlers

  • I'm trying to launch automatically an application via NFC on my Nokia C7. I follow the step in "this": guide at the section Automatically launching NDEF message handlers.

    nfcManager = new QNearFieldManager(this);
    nfcManager->registerNdefMessageHandler(this, SLOT(handleMessage(QNdefMessage,QNearFieldTarget)));

    But when i run application i got:
    [Qt Message] Signatures do not match: y:/sf/mw/qtmobility/src/connectivity/nfc/qnearfieldmanager.cpp:408

    So i change and try to use this code:

    nfcManager = new QNearFieldManager(this);

    QNdefFilter filter;
    nfcManager->registerNdefMessageHandler(this, SLOT(handleMessage(QNdefMessage,QNearFieldTarget*)));

    But now what i have to do for running automatically the application?


    The problem is in this function, always return -1 and i don’t know why…


    Nobody have try use nfc mobility class?

  • are your sure your handle is actually a SLOT in this class.

  • Yes, its a private slots

  • Solved i have to write without numbers and capitals letter in the customproperty of xml file

    <customproperty key="datatype"></customproperty>

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