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Tags on documentation pages

  • I’m seriously starting to get annoyed by this, so I’ll whine about it a bit...

    Please move the tags on "doc page": below the search. Now as I looked the tags, I got an impression half of those have been accidentally inserted. I’m sure I’ve cleaned such tags few tags out, mostly from myself.

    You look the page, see ”Search”, look an input box close to it... And insert your text. Then you get back to same page and after few tries you manage to use correct box. In worst case you don’t even realize why the search didn’t work...

    I’m trying to use that tag box every single time I’m trying to use the documentation it seems —.—

    </off> Sorry, but that positioning makes me annoyed.

  • You might want to check on JIRA if there is already a suggestion/bug report on the issue.
    If not, when you place it there it requires follow up, while here it might be forgotten.
    Anyhow, when you provide a link to the report here, others may follow and vote it up, making it more urgent :-)

    BTW I am sharing your view on this. Happened a couple times to me as well. :-(

  • Thanks, this is now on the to-do list. I also agree, seach should be on top.

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