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Q: Connecting through WLAN

  • Hello!

    I've used USB connection to build the application for my N9. But I just don't want to keep that plugged all the time when I'm doing something with it.

    I connected to the wireless network and I opened Qt. I created a new 'Linux device' with the proper values and it connected. I even tried after the setup to test the device (in 'Tools - Linux devices ' Test') and it ran to the end without errors. I also set it as a default device.

    After that, I started to compile the application I've made and it gives me this error: "Could not connect to host: Timeout waiting for reply from server."

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?
    I couldn't find any proper introduction with WLAN connection - just for the USB.

    • Heikki

  • You should start the SDK application on the device and enter password at Qt Creator. Have you done it already?

    Minor tip: you can start eternal ping to the device from the console of you computer to make sure that your Nokia N9 is "visible" from your computer.

  • Like I said, I set it up already and I tested the connection in 'Tools - Linux Devices - "Test"' - and it gives me no errors at all. But when I try to deploy, run or build the application to the phone, it gives me an error which I mentioned in my previous post.

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