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QML Textfield & Virtual Keyboard & PageStack on Meego Harmattan

  • Hello I'm currently designing my app. I encountered a problem with TextField Element.
    In the main page i have a TextField which is used to come to another page for the actual input (need space for completion suggestions)
    @ TextField
    id : origin
    onActiveFocusChanged: {
    var page = Qt.createComponent("SearchPage.qml")
    if(page.status == Component.Ready)
    pageStack.push(page,{title:qsTr("Origin"),already: origin.text});

    The SearchPage roughly looks like this:
    id: searchPage

    property alias title: searchTitleBar.text
    property alias already: searchField.text
    tools: searchTools
        id: searchTitleBar
            id: searchField
            anchors.margins: 10
            focus: true
        id: searchTools
        ToolIcon { iconId: "icon-m-toolbar-back"; onClicked: pageStack.pop(); }


    if I come to the SearchPage the VirtualKeyboard opens for a very short moment then disappears.
    On the other hand i could leave away the focus:true but then i can't properly pop() the page. (means it scrambles up the mainpage)

    Can anyone give me a hint what to do to fix this issue?

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