How could I deploy the project “Kadu” on my windows?

  • I Downloaded a source code with a lots of CMakeLists.txt.....
    How do I transfer them to a/some .pro files?

  • The title of your post has little to do with the actual question. Why don't you just build with CMake instead? CMake runs just fine on Windows as well.

    I know of no convertor for cmake projects to .pro files.

  • I use Cmake but there are some dependencies` problems,I am fixing them ...Actually,I only care how to present all the files of "KADU" like a project in my QtCreator...

  • I want to debug it,with QtCreator or VS2010,Is it possible?

  • I downloaded a .gz2 from the official ,but I have no idea to view and debug with it..

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    I don't know much about kadu, but if there's a .pro file, just opening it in Qt Creator should load the project.

    Edit: I merged your two very similar threads.

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