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  • No, get a book if you want more depth. Like Advanced Qt Programming by Mark Summerfield.

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    There are 281 different videos "here":/videos on this very site that you might take a look at.

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  • Keep in mind those are developer talks, they are mostly to give you a basic idea, in fact they cover less area than the tutorials of voidrealms. Occasionally they go into some depth but only on specific subjects.

    I know video tutorials are easier to digest, but books tend to have more substance, hopefully in time things will change but for now books have more information value.

  • Keep in mind, that good knowledge of C++ is necessary to work efficiently with Qt. For example, what's the point of reading about smart pointers classes if one doesn't know what the pointer is nor how it works?
    Personally I prefer reading books, articles to watching videos about programming languages or frameworks. I find it easier to mark interesting points and make bookmarks.

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