Qt Mobility not configuring

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    I have Qt SDK 4.6.3 installed on my system. I extracted Qt Mobility 1.1.0 in the same folder. After this i go to the command prompt and then run the configure.bat file. It says path doesnot contain "make", "nmake" or "mingw32-make" files. My path variable looks like this

    @ C:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\bin;C:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbia\SDK\epoc32\tools;C:\NokiaQtSDK\mingw\bin @

    the three paths mentioned above have a qmake, a mingw32-make and a make.exe file, still the system doesnot recognize it. What is wrong here. Even after re starting the system, thye results remain the same....

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