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MPX Support in Qt/X11

  • Dear All,

    With Reference to ->

    What Qt does not support is multiple pointers, including multiple focus.
    That's what MPX is for and there are no plans of supporting that, ever. Touch
    is different.

    The above post is of Feb, 2012.

    I want to know whether the status is same or changed ?

    I mean is MPX(feasibility of multiple focus/keyboard-entries in the same application developed using Qt/X11) supported now ? I am asking this because i saw xinput2 support-activation-option while configuring (./configure --help) the Qt before compilation/installation.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Navneet Kataria

  • No change. Multiple pointers are not supported.

    Qt 5 is likely to have some level of XInput2 support but that is only for Wacom tablets and possibly touchscreens. MPX is not in scope.

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