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QEmu VS QtSimulator for harmattan N9

  • Hi all,
    I don't understand very well the need of using QEmu (for harmattan) if I can use QtSimulator.
    I'm trying to develop some test applications for my N9 and I can run them in QtSimulator (for N9).

    When should I need to use harmattan emulator?

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    The simulator and emulator do different things. The Simulator (as its name implies) simulates an N9, by running the code natively on your machine and just wrapping the display up into a format that looks like an N9.

    The emulator actually pretends to be an N9 (i.e., emulates it), running the N9 code proper.

  • One practical difference is qemu will show a virtual keyboard when using an inputfield and the simulator is not.

  • Ok thanks,

    I'll try QEmu.

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