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[Solved] How to repaint a QGraphicsRectItem embedded inside a QGraphicsPolygonItem

  • Hi Friends,
    In my project, i have several nodes on a graph. On each node I have to represent the state of the node in the form of 5 colors as a little rectangle attached below it.

    I have defined a QGraphicsRectItem inside a QGraphicsPolygonItem as follows :

    DiagramItem::DiagramItem(QMenu *contextMenu,
    QGraphicsItem *parent, QGraphicsScene *scene)
    : QGraphicsPolygonItem(parent, scene)
    rectItem = new QGraphicsRectItem(this, scene);
    rectItem->setRect(myPolygon.boundingRect().x(), myPolygon.boundingRect().y() + myPolygon.boundingRect().height() - 30, 200 , 30);
    rectItem->setPos(0, 0);


    I have subclassed the QGraphicsRectItem actually to write the paint() logic.
    On a click of a button, for every node (DiagramItem) on the scene, i want to call a rectItem->updateParameter() function and then repaint the rectItem object. How to call repaint ?

    Please advise.

    Appreciate your help.

  • Hi,

    you can use "update()": function.

  • Thank you. It works fine.

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