QTableView background-color lets text disappear

  • I subclassed QTableWidget as follows:

    @MyTableWidget::MyTableWidget(QWidget *parent)
    : QTableWidget(parent)
    setStyleSheet("QTableView{ color: blue; background-color: transparent; }");

    void MyTableWidget::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event)
    QStyleOption option;
    QPainter painter(viewport());
    style()->drawPrimitive(QStyle::PE_Widget, &option, &painter, this);

    This works perfectly, my table cells' text is blue on a transparent background. However, the moment I change the table view's background-color to anything but transparent, the background-color shows, but the text of the table cells disappear.

    I'm not sure how QTableView is implmented, but since transparent works, I assume that somehow the background is moved forward (and placed over the text) once the stylesheet is set (only happens if stylesheet has background-color). So if transparent is set, you can basically view the text "through" the background.

    Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?

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