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[Solved] Phonon "blocking" my application

  • I use Phonon for Audio Playback in my desktop application.
    Everytime I press a certain key, a sound will play.

    Now, the playback works fine and it works just as i want it to work but I came across a problem:
    When I call "stop" on my MediaObject it stops playing but a ton of threads exit and my GUI hangs. I can't trace this problem down as my application returns to the event loop immediately after calling "stop". It has to be "phonons fault".

    So what could it be and how can I fix it? The code looks like this:

    void MainWindow::PlaySound(int s)
    //I have a std map with previously created media objects mapped to int values
    if(smap->find(s) != smap->end())
    sleep(1); //sleep one second -> I know this blocks my UI but this call is definitely not our problem

  • Alright, I have some news regarding this problem.
    It turned out that it was a bug in the gstreamer backend. Phonon was not the problem.

    kind regards,

  • Thanks for reporting that this has been solved.

    I have marked your thread as solved.

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