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How to load the Qt help docs into the "help" item of Qt Creator IDE?[Solved]

  • Hi, everyone,

    the "help" item on Qt Creator IDE is " about:blank" page by default, how to load the Qt help docs, which are integrated in Qt SDK, into the "help" item, so I can get some help by clicking the "help" item or when I'm offline?

    thanks a lot!

    [Edit: Qt, not QT :-) ; mlong]

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    Then browse to your SDK instalation and go into Documentation folder, and select all items there.

  • Yes, I did so, but nothing happened! the "help" item is empty after that! I even restarted the IDE. what's the problem?

    anyway, thanks for your attention!

  • When you, for example, hit F1 while your cursor is on "QMainWindow", do you see the QMainWindow documentation or also an empty page? If you search the index in the help window, are the results always empty?

    I'm trying to figure out whether this is just a default-page-problem, or whether your IDE actually fails to load the specified help files.

    Oh yeah, in Tools->Options->Help->Documentation, what modules are loaded there? Mine says:

  • I think my IDE actually fails to load the specified help files, and hit F1 while my cursor is on some word like “QMainWindow”, it is also an empty page.

    In Tools->Options->Help->Documentation, it is empty, nothing can be loaded there.

    BTW, I'm working on Ubuntu 12.04, the "edit", "build", "run" seem to work Ok.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Did you add the correct files to the documentation? I.e.
    (and maybe some simulator/mobility/QML stuff which I didn't install)

    Then check whether those files are broken. Mine are 166k, 58M, 7.2M, 413k in the above order. If you have 4.8.1 like me, you can also compare with my md5sums:
    1c091f722735f3a38c7374d05cc95a53 qmake.qch
    448678fb8806ccf030965d3183646de7 qtcreator.qch
    bdb755ddcf275ba6d2885058ebee21ca qt.qch
    f5ef4206de4b9002c5d2be110efb5bb8 sdk.qch

    Then execute "head -n 2 qt.qch", it should print
    SQLite format 3 [gibberish] om.trolltech.qt.481 [gibberish] qtrefdo4.8.1qt [gibberish]

  • I have these files and my SDK is 1.2.1 with libraries 4.8.2, the newest one:

    QtSDK/Documentation/qmake.qch 165.9 KB
    QtSDK/Documentation/qt.qch 59.0 MB
    QtSDK/Documentation/qtcreator.qch 7.5 MB
    QtSDK/Documentation/sdk.qch 422.9 KB

    and I don't know where to get md5sums, but the files are normal, not broken, right?
    I executed "head -n 2 qt.qch", it actually printed
    SQLite format 3 [gibberish] om.trolltech.qt.481 [gibberish] qtrefdo4.8.1qt [gibberish]

    In Tools->Options->Help->Documentation, I add these files, it seems the files load Ok, after I click "Apply" and "Ok" to close the window, I reopen the window, the files just disappear.

    It is a bug or something?

    Thanks you guys for your help!

  • Hm that's crazy. I only have two vague ideas left:

    • Make sure QtCreator has full read/write permissions on its config files (probably .conf/Nokia/ and maybe the QtSDK directory).
    • Start QtCreator from terminal and hope it prints some debug output that tells you what's wrong.

    After that. No clue. Probably file a bug report for QtCreator Is reinstalling the SDK an option?

  • I changed full read/write permissions on its config files, both .conf/Nokia and QtSDK directory, and the "help" item works Ok now!

    DerManu, Thanks a lot for your help!

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