Transparency of QGLWidget on other QGLWidgets

  • hi,

    as you read in the title, i have some issues to draw alpha transparent QGLWidget's on other QGLWidgets. I'm using shaders (QGLShaderProgram) to represent a huge amount of data at the same time. Every widget is a way of viewing these data.
    But i need some of them to be a bit transparent.

    I've tried many solutions (even if it was for simple widgets on QGLWidgets) and none worked. I tried to enable Widget transparency attribute, GL_BLEND is obviously enabled... really i dont know where i have to search : /

    If anyone had some information or links about this problem or its solution (if there is any :x)

    Thanks !

  • Is it possible to put your QGL on the different window, make it transparently and put directly on/before the current form?

  • that can be a solution. Even if having almost 20 windows at the same time does not look logical according to me ...
    I will try to deal with it, while there is no other solutions.

    Many thanks for reply RainBoy

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