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[SOLVED]Cannot release debugged project.

  • Hi !

    I have working solution of client-side of my project ( calculator through winsocks ). Problem is that I cannot release my solution. Debugging works fine - no errors, program runs ect.
    When Im releasing my app after adding all qt dll's to release folder and clicking on .exe I Get error :
    "The procedure entry point ??4Qstring@@......@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library QtCore4.dll"

    I am adding dll's from : C:\Qt\QtCreator\bin
    I have tried different methods, downloaded elder qt dll's versions and included to release folder, even re installed whole sdk and made new project.

    The project is running fine through Qt creator (debug mode) .
    Can any one point me a direction ? Its second day I'm trying to get this work ... :/


  • [quote author="notes90" date="1338502246"]Hi !
    I am adding dll's from : C:\Qt\QtCreator\bin

    The DLLs you chosen is wrong. They are used by Qt Creator instead of your application.

    You should copy dll from


  • That helped alot ! Thanks
    the path that worked :

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