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Linaro ubuntu 12.04 qt 4.8.1 package for framebuffer/EGL rendering without X???

  • I am on linaro ubuntu 12.04 platfrom Qt 4.8.1 (snowball board).
    How can I start qt application with gfxdriver simplegl or eglnullws ?
    I don't want to use x server how know reason.

    I did rebuild qt package with simplegl plugin
    but I still cant start qt application without x server.

    Every time I start for example qmlviewer I get
    qmlplugindump -display eglnullws:help
    qmlviewer: cannot connect to X server eglnullws:help

    Do I really need to configure qt with -embedded ??

  • Hi ,
    We are also trying to build an application on Linaro Ubuntu using QT but we are not able to get the any GUI whether X-server/LinuxFB/QVFb so coluld you pls tyell me what steps you tried to get the GUI.

  • I moved to qt5
    and much better with embedded

  • But you mentioned that you were able to get the GUI with QT4 as well so can you tell whether you got the GUI on Host mahine or target board?

    If target could you pls elaborate the steps you followed.

  • on target board
    qt support some type of minimalistic window manager
    that can handle keyboard inputs and mouse for example
    but you will need proper graphic driver.
    for example mali have different driver for framebuffer only outut and X window

  • Hi,
    Currently we are not dealing with anytype of keyboard/mouse we just wanted to fire Helloworld GUI.

    So do you have any info like LinuxFb is fine or something else we have to configure.

  • I don't have problem with linuxfb + opengl es 2.0

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