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4.8.2 on Windows CE

  • Have not been able to build Qt 4.8.0 or 4.8.1 with our Windows CE SDK and MSVC 2005, but was hoping for 4.8.2 to work better.
    It does get a bit further, but not that far... It seems to want to use some enum values that are normally defined in errno.h (EACCES, EMFILE, ENOENT etc.), without including errno.h (in src/corelib/kernel/qsystemerror.cpp).

    Anyone else with the same problem and/or an idea for a workaround?

  • In case someone else has run in to the same problem, I can say that I managed to get past this, and a couple of other problems, and managed to build 4.8.2 for our Windows CE SDK.

    The errno.h problem I solved by just reorganizing that code a bit, so the missing enum values were not used on Windows CE.

    The other problems I had mainly had to do with a lot of functionality being required that was not required in 4.7.4. So I had to remove a bunch of QT_NO_... from the configuration file (QT_NO_CONCURRENT, QT_NO_NETWORKINTERFACE, QT_NO_TOOLTIP, QT_NO_WHEELEVENT, QT_NO_ACTION, QT_NO_MENU and QT_NO_SHORTCUT), which resulted in a larger footprint than I had hoped for. The debug libraries do not even fit on the device.

    Also seeing some problems when running our application on the device - the text codec seems to be messed up (non-Latin1 characters do not display correctly), and some other things are not behaving the way they should. Will look into this, but it will be difficult without a debug build that fits on the device...

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