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QListWidget working as a menu - need to be able to activate menu options using number keys rather than just getting focus

  • This application is for accessibility so will be used by blind/visually impaired users amongst others. So it has a listWidget on the screen disguised as a menu using style sheets. The functionality behind each item on the list needs to be accessed in the following ways:

    • mouse click
    • up and down arrows to select then hit return key
    • number key (voice says "press 1 for email" etc)
    • hands free voice activation
    • Braille input

    the last two I have not got to yet because I am failing to get the first 3 working (I can get all of them working but not all at the same time, fixing one breaks another). The listWidget already processes number keys (if you press 4 the 4th row gets selected - I need pressing 4 to run the menu item functionality without a second user input) but I am just missing something in how it works.

    Is this something I just need to do with different object?

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