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QWebSettings::iconForUrl strange behaviour

  • Hi,

    I've done QWebSettings::setIconDatabasePath("/tmp/blabla");
    and used it via method iconForUrl, url() etc. and it's working.
    I can look under /tmp/blabla/WebpageIcons.db via sqlitebrowser and the file
    itself is ok and there're existing entries in db.

    BUT when I delete the file manually (browser off) and run it again for same websites
    no entries are added. For other pages (not watched yet) it's working. Even for already visited
    it's working but my question is how? Is it some sort of bug?

    My environment:
    Linux, Ubuntu 11.10
    Qt 4.7, Qt 4.8

    PS just to say that this is not fauly of my code I've tested it under Arora and works exacly the same.

    PS2 Also it's strange but the following:
    @qDebug() << QWebSettings::iconDatabasePath();
    qDebug() << QWebSettings::iconDatabasePath();
    Gives twice "". Why?

  • Nobody?

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